Individual Assignment 24/5/2016

  1. Students, Open this video link BMW X3 Manufacturing Process, make sure you are connected in Unila Network, (You can do the assignment in the lab)
  2. Watch the Video, use VLC Video player
  3. After watching the video, summarize the activities on the video that related to MIS COURSE
    Create a table (in word processor) to describe the reason why you choose the ACTIVITIES
    Identify minutes of the events in video player (Column 2), Write the the name of activites that you choose (Column 3), Explain/describe the activities (Column 4), Name the MIS Topics that related to the activites that you choose (Column 5), Explain why the Activites in Video (column 3) related with MIS topics (column 5)
  4. Identify the activites in video as much as you can
  5. Submit this assignment before the end of the class, by sending the file (name the files into MIS25-5-2016-NAME-NPM.doc) using email to





Time on video (Minute:SS)


Name of Activities


Explanation of Activities


MIS Topics related with Activities


Reasoning why the activites realted with MIS topics


example, do not write the row, start from row 1


Sales of the Car Salesman of the car using computer and application

Transaction processing system (TPS)

Students can name more than one MIS Topics

the situation describing the process of inputing request from customer order