Chapter 12 / surya and zakia 
Representing the Zynga case the group claim they did not realize there is third case.
Questions from instructor:
  1. How much the value of the information for cincinati zoo, compare it with the IT investment being made by zoo
  2. Give example of executive dashboard
  3. Representing the Zynga case, the group did not do the case

Chapter 13 / Dhissa / Fanisya
Questions from Instructor
  1. Regarding 1st question from the first case, describe more clearly by adding the subject into the model value chain and competitive forces model
  2. Regarding case no 2 questions no 3 create a detail comparison between the old business process and new business process and how to measure it ?
  3. Based on the case picture from the group, add more functional business layer and its level into the picture, and classify which  issues happen on the which functional business or is it happen on functional business unit and all level.
Chapter 14 / Probo/ Deonesia
Questions from instructor
  1. Case 1, Create a table that identify and describe the promise of the new system for Austin and it failures
  2. for all case, we are agreed that the 1st and 3rd case can be categorized as failures system and project, what happen with those failures system in the those companies, do they still used it ? describe the situation