Entrepreneuship: UNI612206

Instructors Contact Information  

Instructor Name:                                              Dr. Ayi Ahadiat, S.E., MBA
                                                                           Muji Rahmat Ramelan, S.E., MBA
Preferred method for reaching instructor:           by email:
Office phone number:                                     0721-704622
Office address:                                                Building A 2nd Floor, Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business, The University of Lampung     
Unila email address:                                        ayiahadiat@unila.ac.id, ayi.ahadiat@gmail.com
muji@unila.ac.id, mramelan1@gmail.com
Regularly scheduled office hours:                TBA
Is prior appointment required?                     (Yes/No)


Course Description

Course Overview/Bulletin description:  

This course is regarding corporate entrepreneurship which covers the way to covert ideas into firms. Also discuss why people become entrepreneurs, how to plan a business, analyzing the business environment, developing business model, creating ethical and legal foundation for a business, building and financing a new venture, marketing the product and service, and how to do frachising.

Student learning outcomes:
On completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Characteristics of an entrepreneur and how to become an entrepreneur.
  2. Create  a Business Plan and Model
  3. Understand to finance the business and to market the products and services
  4. Have basic skill in operations and human resources

Required Text:

Bruce R. Barringer/Duane Ireland, Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures Global Edition, Pearson Education

Required Materials:

  1. Data storage (computer disks, CDs, or a flash drive) to maintain work record
  2. PC or laptop and printer
  3. internet access
  4. e-mail address

The components that contribute to the determination of course grade:

Procedures to accomplish these objectives include: readings, lectures, class discussions and presentation, video cases, and assignments and written reports.

Tentative course schedule*:

Week 1


Class Introduction

Chapter 1

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Week 2

Chapter 2

Recognizing Opportunities and Generating Ideas

Week 3

Chapter 3

 Feasibility Analysis

Week 4

Chapter 4

 Writing a Business Plan

Week 5

 Chapter 5

 Industry and Competitor Analysis

Week 6

Chapter 6

 Developing an Effective Business Model

Week 7

Chapter 7

 Preparing a Proper Ethical and Legal Foundation

Chapter 8

 Assessing a New Venture’s Financial Strength and Viability

Week 8

Mid Test

Week 9

Chapter 9

 Building a New-Venture Team

Week 10

Chapter 10

 Getting Funding or Financing

Week 11

Chapter 11

 Unique Marketing Issues

Week 12

Chapter 12

 The Importance of Intellectual Property

Week 13

Chapter 13

 Preparing for and Evaluating the Challenges of Growth

Week 14

Chapter 14

Strategies for Firm Growth

Week 15

Chapter 15


Week 16

Final Exam


Grading Policy:  

Score Range


Grade Points






71 – 75




66 – 70




61 – 65




55 – 60




50 – 54




‹ 50






Group Assignment (incld Project, Presentation)


Indidual Assignment




Final Exam




Policy on academic accommodations due to disability:  
If you have a documented disability that requires academic accommodations, please see Academic Affair of FEB Unila.  

Course Policies

Class attendance:
On-time attendance at all class meetings is highly expected. One half of your class participation grade is made up of class attendance, and each unexcused absence will cause you to forfeit the attendance credit for that day. Missing more than 15 minutes of class (either through arriving late or leaving early) will count as missing the entire class. Per university policy, excused absences are only granted in cases of serious illness (proved with physician or medical doctor letter) or grave family emergencies, and each of these situations must be documented to our satisfaction. Any student who misses his/her group presentation in recitation due to an unexcused absence will forfeit 50% of the oral presentation points earned by the group. If there is a written/homework assignment to complete for class (noted on the syllabus), failure to do the assignment will result in no credit for attendance that day.


Excused Absences:
The following situations are as acceptable reasons for excused absences:

  1. serious illness;
  2. illness or death of family member;
  3. University-related trips;
  4. major religious holidays;
  5. other circumstances you find to be "reasonable cause for nonattendance".


Make-up opportunity:
For those who have an excused absence, there will be an opportunity to make up missed work and/or exams.  It is the student's responsibility to inform the instructor of the absence preferably in advance, but no later than one week after it. Bring with you any medical doctor prove of your illness or other proves of your absences for verification purpose.

Submission of Assignments:

  1. The group papers will cover elaboration of chapter assignment to be presented in front of class.
  2. The paper must include practical examples of the topic that your group is assigned as attachments.
  3. The power point is included as attachement of the paper as well.
  4. Written report of group paper is due a week before presentation is  scheduled.
  5. Each group must still have to make prepare one page commentary as a review of other groups topics. The paper to be reviewed will accepted a week before presentation in soft copy format.

Academic Integrity, Cheating and Plagiarism: 
Students must up hold the academic honesty by avoding any forms of cheating.As per university’s academic rule and code of ethics, plagiarism and other forms of cheating are absolutely unacceptable. One of forms of pagiarism is cutting and pasting information from the Internet without crediting the source.